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Gung Fu's Hidden Way of Life   The term Jianghu is linked to cultures other than those pertaining to martial arts in Wuxia stories only. It is also applied to societies where there is no law and order. This is a time of Jiang Hu

About Us

Greetings traveler! As life turns ever more to the strange side side we must have a beacon to follow. A guide-on of sorts - like an ancient battle banner which stood out in the fray. Something in the heart of chaos that you can follow / that you'd Better follow!. Jiang Hu website is about that concept. Using martial arts as the medium and to offer insights into this new, ever expanding cultural village that we have all became. New technologies, new choices and challenges abound. Threats of the nature never before encountered by the ancestors are all about us. In such high gravity circumstances as life is today for many a serious lifestyle change is needed. Jiang Hu can help in that perhaps through shared higher knowledge. We are treading "terra Incognita" - (unknown  land) and YOUR challenge could arrive at any time, any minute. Then what? Does your lifestyle support health and prosperity? Has it an intrinsic value beyond mere entertainment? The hollow feelings that some warriors experience can be replaced with a fullness through such a lifestyle as the Jiang Hu path offers. Good, bad or indifferent, your destiny awaits here or you would not have been called! The "call" was at the pulse of yesterdays passing into today. Did you feel it?


Jiang Hu is a tough path to follow. A dedicated path too - there is a place and means that awaits your presence. (The so called "chamber of the self") The trick is discover it through your dedication and perseverance to the path and of course martial arts study. The weak always quit the path early - they can be counted on to fail. The winners of this kind of game never stop, not even one time. They push and push and eventually they break through to the other side. True skill, peace of heart, Samadhi, transmutation, wisdom - bliss! All this plus the means to do thy will as it pleases you. IE: real freedom and quality of life under any conditions. Two worlds - the world of the illusion (every day life, lies and bullshit) and the Jiang Hu world where one learns to look behind the answers we are told for the truth's soul that's been sold.  Look ye not at the dandy dancers, those fancy entrancers / Whose act is to distract to shape lie into fact. All Silky and slick - a suit off the rack!



If you desire to learn and train with us please drop us a line. Let us know a little about yourself. In the method we espouse is that of a higher order. Out of the many internal arts we find that some are of the mind (i). Others are of the spirit (shen). And yet others are of the chi and mystical arts. We are of the order of "mind boxing" - the use of will power and intent guiding us to a lofty form of applied physics and deep understanding of the secrets of "structure". It may sound simple, but therein lies many of the so called "secrets" of the arts. Remember we are talking about a lifestyle of Gung Fu - it must become religion entertainment, defense, health, medicine and much more. WHY? Because there is substance. Many of the so called life paths that people are following today will end up being a hollow pursuit. They will lead exactly no where as the end result. Jiang Hu offers a path of viable, never out of date life skills.